Stand For The Flag, Or Just Fall

Stand For The Flag, Or Just Fall

We The People as an American nation have been defeated. As a whole we have capitulated our virtues and freedoms over and over again and there has never been a reason not to have seen our demise coming. It was a long time in the doing. Part of it has the been the apparent need for many to have ‘leaders’ who enjoy privileges far beyond their own. It has spanned generations and the main culprit has been the education system. Shame on any of you that are still using it!

Our flag still sways on poles on homes, Fire Departments, Post Offices, schools and colleges (those abysmally abhorrent and treacherous places), but it is just a cloth decoration. The meaning behind it has died. It is now just a memory for those who have shared or heard about its glorious vision, and a Just vision it was. 

But what does the flag represent? That can have different meanings depending on the context being utilized at the moment, just like the Confederate flag can mean vital independence in one instance and in others it can represent slavery. Does the American flag represent the citizenry living in the land of the free and home of the brave? It should. Does it represent the military, which is made up of the citizenry, in its adaptable might to protect and serve? If it represents the people who are serving in the field then it is a worthy thing because they are doing their duty for reasons beyond a mere paycheck. Take a look at what enlisted people earn and try to say it is about the money. They do it for virtue and as a cause for each other, the ones standing alongside with them and the obligations they have taken on in the course of honor and support for communities and villages they believe they are trying to uphold and protect against harm and tyranny. 

But if it represents the bureaucrats at the Pentagon, aka the American Regime/Empire, then I personally have no issue with the flag being burned, defaced, or trampled. These are people in positions of power and influence who lie, steal, and cause the murder and long-term suffering of those they send to foreign lands as well as the faceless and nameless people who reside in those lands. The mind-numbing pollution and waste it achieves is unaccountable and is always left to others to clean up and pay for. If it caused anyone health problems I am sure there is an ‘efficient’ governmental program designed to handle such matters. You can be certain there is a long paper trail of forms to prove just how effective these programs are. The documents all say so, right? 

The Republic that the American flag was once supposed to represent, the Republic that we have never known in any of our lifetimes, we did not keep, as per Benjamin Franklin’s famous admonition. Please save your banter that "We are a Republic...", no we are not. Be honest with yourself. What in fact is and what it is supposed to be have become incompatible, a grotesque distortion of placid indignation. We have been an oligarchy for some time and research studies by academic institutions have concluded this, Princeton and Northwestern Universities particularly. 

It was the ironically titled Patriot Act that marked the destruction of this nation. You know, that legal act pushed through by an R administration that was at least in part authored by the D that is now known as Mr. P. Many seem to want to return to the ‘glory days’ of 2019. What was so good about that time other than it was slightly less intrusive of our lives? I am seriously asking.

The annual rite that occurs to romanticize a tragedy 2 decades ago today, while eschewing all other deplorable happenings in the world, I find to be insulting to the victims of that day and their families. They should never be forgotten but the feigning of compassion by some who are reading the names of those who literally fell to their deaths is a dire tone stemming from psychopaths who are noted for their change of discourse about what the narrative is. You know, the narrative that was derived from the torture of a ‘mastermind’ terrorist, who still has not received trial. This is documented in the 2020 edition of The Black Banners Declassified

The metal band Slayer shocked, awed, and offended the world simply by holding up a mirror. The lyrics and imagery were nothing to glorify and it was never meant to be taken as such, quite the contrary. They unapologetically confronted you with very real evils of the world and did not mince words nor retract anything they ever did. Their sound and style of music reflected that fact quite well. Oh, the glorious days of the crazy Slayer fan! Look up Jim Breuer ‘Slayer fans’ for a fun historical reference. I was there. 

There is indeed a death-dealing virus upon the earth. It is called humanity. It is dense in its comprehension, easily malleable, lazy, and it matters not at all its' size, shape, hue, dialect, nor the tiny spacing of dirt in which it plants its ass. We are all fundamentally flawed and we have failed to maintain our virtues. At the same time I cannot help but hold onto that spark that we may regain them and continue. That spark is vitally dim and impossible for many, perhaps most, to see. Is this a pipe dream leftover from childhood? Maybe it is, or maybe it is just my stubborn self coming to the fore. 

Even at the cost of my life I hope to never cave-in to beg to the mob. That is futility in extremis. But to you, dear reader, I am begging you to prove me wrong. Please.